RPG Grace of Letoile App Reviews

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If it weren't so buggy...

This would be a good game if the skill and item menus didn't lag so much. It became intolerable to use skills and items. I managed to get by this by leveling up a lot and using auto battle. That sort of sucked the fun and challenge out of it.

I luv

This game u people never disappoint me on making games


I wasn't to sure about this one but I was pleasantly surprised it was very good I highly recommend

Not Bad!

The story so far is getting a lot more interesting than I expected... The battle system looks great, as well as the gem slot system. You can come up with different kinds of combinations. I also like the music as well. The battle and boss themes are really intense! Great game so far, keep up the good work kemco. You still surprise me with a lot of rpg games you're creating.

Great rpg

I love the game and all that is involved with chasing the Letoiles.

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